Bloody Date



Crafted by Danilo Proh, a novice in the industry, 'Bloody Date' presents a compelling tale centered around Javier's dual life. By day, he's a mechanic; by night, he navigates into the dangerous world of drugs and risk. Despite its amateur origins, 'Bloody Date' has earned significant recognition. The short film triumphed at the esteemed Indie Short Fest LA, earned acclaim at the Reale Film Festival of Milan, and secured a nomination at the Cal Film Festival LA. These prizes mark the beginning of an exciting journey for this emerging filmmaker.


Dany Entertainment has taken its first stride into the film industry with 'Bloody Date.' Despite being a newcomer, the film has already achieved notable success, receiving recognition and praise at renowned festivals.

This achievement marks just the beginning for Dany Entertainment. With upcoming shorts in the pipeline, the company looks ahead to a promising future filled with captivating stories and a commitment to delivering quality cinema.


An exceptional collaboration graces 'Bloody Date', a special partnership with Ruzza Orologi Milano, a renowned watch retailer based in Milan. This collaboration adds a distinct flavor to the film, elevating its essence and enriching its narrative. Ruzza Orologi Milano's contribution extends beyond mere sponsorship, infusing the film with a unique essence that enhances its storytelling and visual appeal.